A risk assessment (sometimes called a security survey) is a multi-step analysis and assessment of current state of your security program, whether they are existing security programs or a new program is in development. RMT consultants work with clients to review physical security measure, technology, management, policies, trainings, and compliance controls. Assessments can also be focused on a specific aspect of a business or organization.

How quickly and effectively you are prepared to react in a crisis is critical. It can make the difference between making a full recovery or none at all.

At Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC we work closely with clients to identify the needs of their situation and industry. The reports and training you receive from us are easy to understand and follow.

Risk Assessment Fact or Fiction

MYTH: A risk assessment is optional for small companies or events.

TRUTH: No matter the size of your company, a risk assessment and risk mitigation report will help secure you from damages potentially larger than your company. A small investment could save your business, career, or life.

MYTH: Internal staff can conduct a security assessment to save on expenses.

TRUTH: Assessment should always be done by an unbiased third-party. Internal staff is often limited in knowledge of risk and vulnerabilities that are possible within your industry. Many times internal staff members do not disclose all findings to avoid exposing internally known risk areas.

MYTH: Risk assessment should be done after an event to stop it from happening again.

TRUTH: Always be proactive. Prepare a risk assessment with a plan of action to prevent a crisis. There are many factors in a well-rounded implementation plan including staff, and both physical and electronic security measures. When one of these factors change, the plan must be updated.

Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation
is recommended for:

  • Construction Services
  • Energy & Mining
  • Entertainment
  • Financial Institutions
  • Food System, Agribusiness and Beverage
  • Health care
  • Higher Education
  • Industrial and Materials
  • Pharmaceutical / Chemical
  • Public Sector
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Trade
  • Technology & Telecommunication

Deliverable options:

Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation must be done on-site. We travel state wide within the United States to assess your location and meet with your team. We can work classroom style with large groups, or one-on-one. Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC founder Paul Manley frequently develops courses and programs tailored to specialized audiences, including law enforcement personnel, local business owners, and community leaders. No matter what your needs or concerns, Paul can help. Contact us today.

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