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May 2019

Raising awareness: First responder injuries, LODDs caused by vehicles

Note: This article was written by Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC founder Lieutenant Joseph “Paul” Manley. Originally written for and published by International Public Safety Association here: https://www.joinipsa.org/IPSA-Blog/7327849 By Lieutenant Joseph “Paul” Manley, IPSA Board Member, IPSA Memorial Committee Vice-Chair Ensuring that first responders return home safely at the end of each shift is a paramount concern […]

De-escalation Training, April 2019

Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC recently completed a customized training session designed to prepare college campus personnel to de-escalate individuals and situations that may occur on college campuses.  Student populations and college settings can create unique challenges for security staff who seek to ensure the safety and well-being of their residents, instructors, and other employees. The […]

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