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Risk Assessment and Risk Mitigation

Are you prepared to control the risk for multiple scenarios in your workplace, at your event, or within your agency?  Our risk assessments are about identifying sensible measures to control the risks to protect what matters most.

Insider Threat

The systems and networks that make up the infrastructure of a business are often taken for granted, yet a disruption to just one of those systems can have dire consequences across other sectors. We teach businesses how to facilitate monitoring and preparation for potentially disabling events.

Workplace Violence

Through continued training and our background in law enforcement, we offer proven methods to help manage disruptive or aggressive behavior in the workplace. With our on-site team or HR training, we will help lower the risk of workplace injury, reduce potential liability, and improve workplace interactions.

Verbal De-escalation Training

Our De – escalation Program focuses on prevention: preventing situations from escalating into a verbal or physical confrontation. Our core-training program provides your staff with proven strategies for safely defusing anxious, hostile, or violent behavior before it becomes problematic or endangers others. We are not just another lecture presentation, you and your staff will go through dynamic, realistic scenarios which will help develop stress inoculation, muscle memory, self confidence and confidence in each other. You and your staff will also get real time feedback as to what was done right and what can be done differently. You can sit through another lecture, or get up and actually do some training!

Interview Questions

Be confident in your hiring decision by using the latest behavioral interview questions. For candidates, you will learn how to compete in a competitive market by understanding the principles of selling yourself without compromise.

Custom Training

Our founder Paul Manley’s experience as an educator, instructor, and trainer translate into a collaborative approach to teaching and learning. Your business is in the right hands with RMT.  All our training is customized to the client and situation. Looking for something not mentioned here? Contact us.

About RMT

Paul Manley, founder of Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC  is a 30 + year a law enforcement professional, as well as an adjunct faculty member at North Shore Community College in Danvers, MA.  Paul brings a wealth of real-world experience and a proactive approach to behavioral analysis and threat assessment and prevention.  His knowledge and expertise concerning the latest in law enforcement technology and current behavioral practices make him a vital contributor to the challenges of the 21st century.

Early in his career while serving as a member of the United States Capitol Police in Washington, DC., Paul protected critical infrastructure, Members of Congress, their families,  employees, visiting Heads of State, Foreign Dignitaries, and the President and Vice President of the United States .

Paul’s experience as an educator, instructor, and trainer translate into a collaborative approach to teaching and learning.  Throughout his career, Paul has synthesized his field experience and his passion for continued education to develop courses and presentations designed to educate individuals about personal and public safety issues.

"Working with Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC (RMT) has brought a level of professionalism and sense of security to our team. We trust Paul's insight and advice and truly value the services that RMT provides to their clients. They are thorough and thoughtful, but also innovative and creative in their security solutions. We can't imagine being in better hands"

- Meredith George, Mederi Inc.

“This year Halloween, as is every Halloween in Salem Massachusetts, was extremely busy. We asked Risk Mitigation Technologies LLc to help with situational awareness and augment our hotel operations for our annual Halloween Costume Ball. We were extremely happy with their services and professionalism.”

- Rose O’Malley, Salem Waterfront Hotel

"Very informative crisis de-escalation training. Learned a lot of de-escalation skills that will help on the job as well as in real life. Thank you.”

- Human Resource Professional

“Great de-escalation training that pertains to real scenarios that happen and how to react in a way that enables more control over subjects. Good hands - on training.”

- Massachusetts Police Official

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Risk Mitigation Technologies, LLC, focuses on innovative education and training to provide unparalleled insight and vision in a world where safety and the appropriate response can change in an instant.
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